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What fast and effective dental whitening systems do you recommend and offer?

We offers 3 great options to brighten and whiten your smile!


EPIC Laser tooth whitening system is an affordable investment in the beauty of your teeth and overall sense of well-being. For those with time constraints, EPIC is the ideal option. No longer is there a need to squeeze a lengthy appointment into your schedule. The laser whitening procedure takes about 20 minutes! It means less time spent away from work and less time spent sitting in the dental chair resulting in a quick and comfortable experience.

Laser tooth whitening before and after photo


beautiful blonde woman with windblown hair, eyeglasses and white teeth

In-office whitening treatments

For dramatic whitening results

  • Safe whitening gel is applied to your teeth

  • LED whitening lamp accelerates results*  

  • Get up to several shades whiter in just 45 minutes

pretty young woman with gorgeous teeth holding orthodontic tooth aligners

Take-home whitening treatments 


  • A whiter smile in just seven days

  • May be more suitable for people with very sensitive teeth..

  • Custom whitening trays are fitted by Dr. Lipari or Dr. Mangiameli

Your smile is the way you greet the world. Why not put your best self forward with the confidence of a more beautiful smile?


Get the whiter teeth and healthier smile you've been wanting! 


Call us today to schedule an appointment!   914.238.0213

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